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6 Des 2010

Internet in the Hospital

Service hospitals rely on information intensive. Information plays a vital role in decision-making. System information can be used as strategic advice to provide services oriented to customer satisfaction. In this case customers need to realize that the hospital can be internal and external customers. L. Curran in his writing titled "better records, better care" (1996) states that efforts to improve the record medic at King's College-London Hostpital was very positive impact on efficiency and good relations between hospitals with customers.

Prof. F. Perner also reported the use of computer information systems with active memory card that was very helpful handling of patients with chronic and implementation process of hospital insurance in Hungary. JM Maisel Report (1995) mentions that the United States has developed a computerized on medic services in hospitals and wards. Survey American Hostpital association in 1975 has shown that 80% of hospitals in the United States has used the data processing system, in which 25% have had their own computers and 56% using process data outside the hospital. In the State of New South Wales, Australia in 1990 it has started using computers for data charging progression from day to day.

Telemedisin is the provision of health services where patients and providers of services are at different locations, using modern telecommunications technology. Another definition states that telemedisin includes transmission of information via telecommunication channels being undertaken to provide / improve the quality of service to patients. Implementation can be teleradiologi telemedisin, telemonitoring, service accidents and emergency cases.

The hospital is now trying to direct contact with consumers not only through a brochure or phone number that can be reached, but by creating a homepage full of information. Terms creation of interactive information systems via the Internet is good at the hospital is a technology that is easy to use, flexible, multilingual, interactive, can be automatically updated and can provide information desired by consumers. Website of a hospital should include information such as:
  • HomePage
  • About us
  • Take a Tour
  • Services
  • Find us
  • Community calendar
  • Find a doctor
  • Make an Appointment
  • Physician Consultation
  • Health Links Page

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