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Starting from my desire to change my mobile phone with a new, unique, interesting design, and unforgettable is the mobile phone features t...

My Nokia C6-00 Failed Products

Starting from my desire to change my mobile phone with a new, unique, interesting design, and unforgettable is the mobile phone features that currently is booming especially if not a social network like facebook, twitter and others, another one that supports the facility to chat should exist in the search for my new phone, yes especially when not chatting with friends via facebook and yahoo messangger popular applications like ebuddy and nimbuzz.

In addition to the above features, I also do not want to miss with its GPS feature that cool people say. Immediately, I open the laptop for mobile browsing handpone that match my criteria directly type it into the web address nokia. After rolling rolling on the nokia website the end of his fall was my choice on nokia c6 00. ok in addition to its features and its facilities in accordance with the criteria, I do not forget also the price is very fit with my budget.

The next day on 20 August 2010 I direct to mobile phone store for direct purchase, the choice finally fell on the Nokia 2000 White C6. Well how glad its finally time that mobile phones can also hearts .. hihihihi choice (lebayyyyyyyyyyyy). After reaching home I immediately tweaking brain new mobile phone, download the chat application to the nokia web recommendations that he said in ovi store you will get everything for free. After browsing and downloading applications that I want is the adventure had started to chat with ebuddy and nimbuzz. Not content to chat via touchscreen qwerty keypad I try to use his nokia c6 00 but what it was several times pressed the button pressed it turns out my mobile phone qwerty freeze the only way to turn off his mobile phone by removing the battery. I experienced it several times each using either a qwerty keypad for chatting and sms. Ironically his new mobile phone that I bought this afternoon to go through anything like this. The next day I went straight to the store where I bought the phone yesterday and I complain. Apparently they want to receive and promised to replace with another new unit. The next day I came back to the store to pick up cell phones that he said would be replaced with another new unit, finally I can also phone nokia with a new unit, I immediately go home and try it if still often if it use qwerty keypad, it turns out after I got home I was still experiencing c6 his mobile phone Nokia 2000 I still I was already tired freeze want to go there again.
On 15 October 2010 I took it to a Nokia care center, said his cell phone nokianya cs "at the residence was checked ama let our technicians up to 2 or 3 days later we will let you know whether you can phone in flash aja or should be sent to Jakarta for replacement unit "after I waited for 2 weeks later on 29 October 2010 I notified the same nokia care center to pick up his pekanbaru, after arriving I went straight to his Nokia care centers CS CS said his cell phone his father replaced it with a new engine. After I finished all of the administration directly home to mencobanyaa if still often freeze. I tried everything at home was not good already exist freeze again through its qwerty keypad. Thankfully, at night I took her mobile phone to chat, what happened to my great surprise phone will not turn on when I want to unlock the button, push the button I push her off a long time on his cell phone does not respone what's what. Though indicator lights on the middle button of his life blink to indicate standby mobile phone anymore. Apparently freeze cell phone again but not with a qwerty keypad but when the mobile phone standby. Although already in its push push the button of his software is still not silent like a mobile phone respone only Standy with its single layer blank black.satu her how to turn off just pull out the battery force. After I remove the batteries then I plug it in again and then in turn use the button on his cell phone off his blessedly willing to live as normal. But why every mobile phone in standby and automatic lock button frequently freeze, his software often does not respond with a button push the button on the standby position when he was again a black blank screen. What's wrong with this one nokia products after a problem freeze qwerty keypad is missing even a new problem arises when mobile freeze standby position, sometimes when receiving phone calls or calls its software also freeze while the phone is still going on but after a conversation over a black blank screen and all mobile phones button does not work its way off forcibly remove the battery. I feel this problem until now mobile solutions freeze yes unplug his battery and turn it on again as usual.

That's the product benefits the 00 c6 nokia its dynamic design, elegant, fantastic slide models. But hadware in it is not good or random origin. And one more is not my own that felt the same way my friend who just bought 2 weeks felt the exact same thing as me even now his nokia c6 do not want to live at all possible because often pull the battery. NOKIA CONNECTING FREEZE"

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